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Tayshaun Prince Jerseys
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Where to buy a Tayshaun Prince jersey online.

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This page features a selection of Tayshaun Prince jerseys. We know that to buy online you have to be sure you are picking quality products and that you are shopping from recognized stores, with that on mind we have selected basketball jerseys from the Detroit Pistons star made by companies such as Adidas, Reebok and Nike and we have chosen them from the best online stores like Pro Sports Memorabilia, FansEdge and Fanatics among others (all with excellent customer service).

Detroit Pistons Tayshaun Prince Jerseys Tayshaun Prince Profile:
Jersey Numbers: 12 (Celtics, Timberwolves), 21 (Grizzlies), 22 (Pistons)
Position: Small Forward
All-Star: none
High-School: Dominguez in Compton, CA
College: University of Kentucky
2012-13 Stats:
Points: 10.4
Rebounds: 4.4
Assists: 2.4
Steals: 0.6
Playoffs: 7.0 pts
3.8 reb / 1.9 ast
2005 NBA All-Defense 2nd Team
2006 NBA All-Defense 2nd Team
2007 NBA All-Defense 2nd Team
2008 NBA All-Defense 2nd Team
NBA Titles: 1 (2003-04)

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Replica - Adidas
Tayshaun Prince Minnesota Timberwolves adidas Replica Jersey - Royal
Tayshaun Prince Minnesota Timberwolves adidas Replica Jersey - Royal
- price: $69.99

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